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the opening of canon was perhaps the most heralded cocktail event of 2011. seattle icon (and fellow canadian) jaimie boudreaux is the kevin bacon of seattle bartenders; he’s worked his way through practically every seattle bar worth two shakes, from vessel to knee-high and tini bigs.  and in all that spare time, he’s even managed to take to the small screen with a comprehensive series of how-to’s for the aspiring cocktailer.  re-entering the scene as an entrepreneur, this optimus prime has achieved a transformers superhero assemblage, with the likes of jared, nathan, and murray manning the bar.  and while on the topic of “bar”, one of the most impressive features of this venue is the use of angostura bitters to stain the wood surfaces.  however, all that glitters is not gold for the service was slow and the drinks, though tasty, were quite petite for the price tag.  and while i wish i felt that it was “more than meets the eye“, i’m left more so with the sentiment that “you failed me, yet again, starscream.”

locked and loaded