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just like there are two sides of every coin, the same can be said of queen anne.  upper queen anne sits high on a hill of restaurants and reformed dinks, but its little brother downstairs shows quite the contrast.  lower queen anne, ex-home of the zombie sonics, seems to answer the call of “where do frat boys go when they grow up?”  having such a reputation can deter the cocktail-inclined, but i couldn’t pass up a martini bar spliced with a tiki bar.  on the bright side, all the drinks are served up in martini glasses that seemed cartoonishly big.  and in this world where you can’t count on much, you can count on a nightcap here; they have a track record of being open every day for 15 years “through floods, fires, parades, riots, power outages, presidential elections, and even earthquakes”.  kinda like waffle house, but totally not.

pillars of faith