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let’s face it: despite your best attempts to plan, sometimes life points it’s finger at you and laughs.  and every once in a while, that unexpected twist turns out for the best.  such was the circumstances that brought me to bar cotto, ethan stowell‘s newest seattle venture.  situated on the cusp of central district and capitol hill, this charcuterie-focused bar was everything that cure wasn’t; a curated menu, fabulous cocktails, and bedside manner behind the bar.  and better yet?  my first brush with lambrusco frizzante, a sparkling red wine with a drinkability profile fit for day-drinking on a southern veranda, or spending a saturday night parked in front of a trashy reality tv marathon.  popular in the 70’s, whats old is new, and lambrusco is making a comeback in a big way on wine lists throughout the city.  and while the seattle summer is fading away, move over rosé; labrusco is here to stay.

blood and sand’s sexy little sister