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once upon a time, there was a girl that wanted to eat as many michelin stars as she could in one trip.  she flew across the atlantic ocean, and landed in the northern coast of basque country, where she dined on banksy masterpieces, stray x’s, and a most magical meal in the spanish countryside.  one thing that she missed trying on that trip was the local drink kalimotxo, equal parts of red wine and cola.  sounds simple enough you might say, but one should never presume.  thus started the search for a local purveyor: enter pintxo.  featuring castillian tapas and a popular happy hour, they also are the proud owners of a partially covered backyard patio reminiscent of the bars of williamsburg. and the kalimotxo you ask?  well yeah, it’s really is as simple as it sounds, but never forget that complexity is simple.  simplicity is hard.

kalimero + motxo 4ever