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many things in this world are made to complement each other such as turkey and gravy or sick nights at home and zombie tv marathons.  and then there are those things that elevate each other, adding two individual values to a sum that is greater than its parts; namely breakups and jeff buckley or shopping and cocktails.  with that being said, more retailers should capitalize on the latter and here’s a little parable on why: once there was a young lady who had long pondered the idea of marrying her two loves of fashion and cocktails.  as she sipped on her spicy mezcal cocktail of smoke & heat and gazed upon mannequins of lanvin and valentino, she built up the liquid courage to meander next door to the house of shiny things and came out with rosy cheeks and quite the bobble.  so where’s the moral of this story?  maybe things didn’t work out for nordie’s this time, but just imagine the possibilities if tiffany’s had a bartender?!

drop it like it’s haute