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sometimes you feel tired.  sometimes you feel sad.  sometimes you just feel tired of being sad…and that’s when breakups ensue.  and leading up to every breakup is the last happy moment you can remember of that relationship, the sweetness leading up to a bitter end. for me, this was hawksworth, the lounge grounding vancouver’s rosewood hotel georgia. emerging from the roaring 20’s, this hotel housed hollywood royalty, british royalty, and yes, even the king of rock and roll.  sitting underneath big love (irony?), i sipped on kaj hackinen’s la croix: a cocktail of gin, giffard pamplemousse, fernet and cucumbers. had i known what the future would bring, i might have ordered the louis xiii rare cask 42,6, a rare cognac sheathed in baccarat black crystal and 22k rose gold.  instead, i left the building just like elvis had so long ago, leaving behind that heartbreak hotel.

too rich for my blood