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after a long, hard, poke-my-eyes-out-after-18-jetlagged-hours-of-sleep-across-5-days sort of week, it was time to rally and make the last night count in vienna.  and that means euro dance party.  i had queried the locals in the office that day of to find out the hot spots, but all signs lead to big box discotheques with lines and cover charges.  time for plan b and thanks to tmobile’s amazingly free international data plan in conjunction with yelp wien, <insert 10 minutes of confusion and broken english at a nearby hostel> we found our way to a dark alley with an unmarked door.  what was within was more than we could ever have wished for: euro trance meets williamsburg hipster, complete with a hot dog stand and fernet.  we danced our asses off amongst the college clientele and being that it was our last night in vienna, it was all par for the course digging around at the bottom of our purses for the last of our euros…ah to be 20-something again.

fables and fernet