this dinner somehow was years in the making. but how did we get there?

act 1: two southern belles head south in the summer of 2011 to escape the dredges of love & marriage.  one packs her bike with plans to summit the ever-allusive hill of anne amie vineyards.  does she make it?  YES. SHE. DID, and refreshing glasses of pinot blanc await her at the finish line, served by none other than wine steward extraordinaire, ksandek podbielski.

act 2: after a fabulous 2015 fall ride through the appalachian foothills, we settle down for the customary, yet always extraordinary, feast that ensues.  after repeated trips to the bbq tent for burnt-ends and wine-filled cheeks, the party winds down.  then out of nowhere, someone starts playing spoons…fitting for a country shindig, even more appropriate because it was none other than the master of ceremonies/components guru himself, mr. chris king.

now step right up to my time machine and we arrive four months later at coquine, the latest james beard-nominated shining star in the portland culinary scene.  with chris as my crewmate and ksandek steering the ship, we headed into pleasant waters, with delectable dishes and expertly-selected wine pairings drifting into port, one after another.  and the last farewell?  a dark and rich gingerbread loaf light as a feather but dense enough to anchor us home.

the blacker the bread, the sweeter the bite

the blacker the bread, the sweeter the bite