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so there’s always the age-old dilemma…where to go next?  with a horde of co-workers?  after a long week of work and jetlag, we all let our proverbial hair down and broke free from the confines of the airport-office-hotel bermuda triangle to head into the city for some grub and non-HR violating adventure.  after taking a much-anticipated break from standard austrian fare, we debated outside the restaurant for a good 15+ minutes about “what now?”, and then just started walking in a random direction.  much like a new orleans second line parade, we played the part of jovial (read: loud and obnoxious) americans until we came upon más, a mexican cocktail bar in the middle of vienna.  with a drink menu of ~100 items, i quickly zeroed in on the fernet but was soon disappointed to find out they did not have coke.  NO COKE. AT A BAR.  scheiße.  and then without fail, coworkers + drinks = work talk * 1000.  luckily, there was a ginormous lava-like lamp nearby that inspired one of the crowd who rallied us to blow that mexican popsicle joint and ask “what now?”

viennese lava lamp